Chapter 597

She would forever remember how difficult of a person Helena was to deal with. Helena had turned over a new leaf now. However, she could not get used to it. “It’s alright, Maria… Please allow me to do a little something so I feel more at ease staying at my sister’s place and mooching off her!” Helena continued mopping the floor after saying that. She had not regained all her strength yet. Within minutes of working, she began sweating profusely, and her hands were trembling. Nash walked downstairs and said, “You and Hera are cousins. Treat this place as your home. You should rest up and focus on regaining your strength. Would you want Kai to have to take care of you when he regains consciousness?” Helena had indeed turned over a new leaf. That pleased Nash immensely. Mr. Lewis, who was watching them from the heavens, would probably be proud too. Maria took the mop from Helena and smiled as she said, “Listen to Nash and go rest!” Helena pursed her lips together. “Thank y

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