Chapter 598

Angelica retorted, “What else? Where should I go find him when I can’t even locate his wife?” The experienced inspection officer said calmly, “You’re young. Take a leaf out of Chief Holt’s book. Trying to advance the ladder too quickly will never benefit you!” He had been jealous of Angelica for a long time. She had no skills and had only become a team lead because she had connections to Nash. Now, she even dared to go against him, an officer with dozens of years of experience under his belt. If he did not reprimand her now, she would probably think she genuinely was his supervisor. Angelica scoffed when she heard that. “No wonder you’re still here despite all your years of experience. You’re all talk and no action. You’d probably get promoted if you actually put your ass to work!” “You…” The experienced inspection officer’s face turned red as he listened to what Angelica had to say. “Can you guys shut it?” Jupiter rapped the table as he said solemnly, “How many times h

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