Chapter 599

A frosty expression appeared on Salvatore’s face when he heard that, and he asked coolly, “Your wife gives you 300 dollars a month. How could you manage to afford to spend the night with a streetwalker?” Sorn said quietly, “A-An old friend treated me!” “Old friend? Which one?” “Horace. He even treated you to a meal once so you would send business his way when he’d just established his company!” “Well then, go tell the inspection officers what you just told me. They won’t do anything to you if you provide them with useful information!” Salvatore said as he took a cheap cigarette out from the pack in his pocket and lit it. “I don’t want to go to the inspection office, Salvatore… How am I supposed to show myself in front of my family if news that we slept with prostitutes makes its way back to our hometown?” Sorn asked with a look of despair on his face. “That’s right, Salvatore. Please help us and let us go into hiding for some time!” Geordi added on. Salvatore stared at the

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