Chapter 601

Sorn tugged on Geordi's arm. "It's already this late. Are you still afraid of the 'tigress' back home?" Geordi took a deep breath, slowly stood up, and accompanied Sorn to surrender themselves to the authorities. ... Nash hailed a taxi outside and rushed to Peaceful Residence. Right as the taxi started its engine, he received a call from Theo. "Nash, someone recognizes those hieroglyphics. It's indeed the writing system invented by the Young family!" Theo said from the bathroom of his seaside villa. He was speaking with a hand over his mouth. It was as if even his own family could not be trusted. "Is it someone from the Young family?" Nash felt a bit excited. "It's the Young family's trusted follower, Marius Lothard. Those hieroglyphics were invented by his grandfather!" Theo exclaimed. "What do those symbols say?" Nash quickly inquired. "They seem to record a secret realm. He hasn’t completely deciphered them yet. He went back to his hometown to get his grandfather's notebook!

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