Chapter 602

"But all this is just surface information. Jonford Outstanding Culture is just a branch. Their main company is in Mandagor, focusing on producing some hardcore adult films..." "So, you mean their videos will be circulated online?" Nash asked. "Yes, that's right!" "Check if there's any video featuring Baroque's HR Manager, Lori Lynch, on their website," Nash demanded with fists clenched. "Okay." Theo picked up another phone and carried out Nash's request. The head of the detective agency on the other end of Theo’s line immediately had their team browse the website. After a thorough search, one detective's attention was drawn to a video titled 'Senior Executive of Drakonian Company Brutally Assaulted'. The detective captured a screenshot of the woman's face and then scanned it using facial recognition software. In less than a minute, the woman's identity information popped up. "Theo, we found her. She’s confirmed to be named Lori Lynch from Jonford. We're not sure if she's the o

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