Chapter 603

The man in the suit entered the room with Nash following behind him. The man who opened the door immediately raised his hand, pressing it against Nash's chest as he asked lazily, "Who are you..." Before he could finish speaking, Nash grabbed his wrist and twisted it. The man's arm followed the direction of Nash’s force, smoothly slipping out of his grip. "You're a martial artist,” he muttered, eyes narrowed. Nash glanced at the man in surprise. This guy who looked to be in his late 20s turned out to be a martial arts grandmaster. The man looked at the property manager and asked coldly, "What are you here for?" The property manager explained, "This gentleman is looking for Susie Gin." The man turned his gaze back to Nash. "What's your relationship with Susie?" Nash did not answer him but immediately entered the room. "You're asking for trouble..." The man mobilized his true energy and made a move to press Nash's shoulder. Nash released his true energy outward, and the man was i

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