Chapter 607

Nash flicked his fingers, deflecting the dagger. With a quick move, he grabbed Rowan’s shoulder and disappeared from where they initially were. The woman swiftly caught up as they emerged from the collapsed wall. Just as she emerged from the broken wall, Nash launched a kick from where he was hiding behind the wall. The woman reacted promptly, extending her pristine arms to block Nash's attack. However, the force was overwhelming, and she was sent flying about ten meters away. Despite being under 20, the young woman had the martial arts prowess of a fifth-division great-grandmaster. This showcased her extraordinary talent in the realm of martial arts. Nash was about to leave, but the woman blocked his way. "Damned guy, I advise you not to meddle in affairs unrelated to you." The woman glared at Nash. Her name was Natalia, and she was a recently initiated assassin. This was her first mission. How could she continue in the assassin world if she failed her first assignment? "You can'

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