Chapter 608

"You actually know the Ghost Shadow Phantom Step?" The Ghost Shadow Phantom Step was a flawed and lost art in the realm of martial arts. Most people in the martial arts world had never seen it, and very few had even heard of it. Natalia was not usually able to find anyone to discuss it with. She certainly did not expect this darned man to know about it. Nash mercilessly pushed Natalia aside and said indifferently, "I don't have time to chat with you right now." He then went up to Rowan, who was standing beside a taxi. "Hey, don't go!" Natalia hurriedly caught up. "Mister, please head to the Third Division of the Inspection Office!" Nash said as he pushed Rowan into the car before getting in himself. Natalia pounded the car window with her clenched fists. With a crash, the window shattered. The taxi driver's expression was awful. Having witnessed the girl's formidable martial arts skills, he did not even dare reproach her about his broken window. Nash patted the glass shards

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