Chapter 609

She looked like a good person, but her clothes were too revealing. She was clearly not a decent person! Natalia noticed Angelica's look of disdain and had to lower her head while avoiding eye contact. The uniform Angelica was wearing seemed quite oppressive. Nash did not respond to Angelica's question. Instead, he looked at Rowan and asked, "Do you know those three assailants?" Rowan nodded. "Yes, I know them. They're members of the Green Bamboo Association. One of them is the grandson of the association’s leader, Lindon Carter." "Lindon?" Jupiter stared at Rowan in disbelief. "Wasn't Lindon sentenced to death?" About three years ago, Lindon was involved in a drunk driving accident resulting in five deaths and one injury. After the Inspection Office took him away, more than 3,000 members of the Green Bamboo Association surrounded the building. The incident caused a nationwide sensation, drawing the attention of hundreds of millions of people. It was only when the general of the

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