Chapter 610

"Madam Angelica, I'm Natalia. I'm 19 this year!" Upon hearing Angelica address her as a kid, Natalia responded with a peculiar tone. "Madam?" Angelica's hands tightened on the steering wheel, nearly causing a collision with the car in front. She was only 24 years old, yet this woman called her Madam? In the end, Angelica just brushed it off. She did not know the young woman's relationship with Nash. There was no need to lower herself to her level. As an inspector, she needed to maintain a good image. Nash lounged comfortably at the back and casually asked, "You haven't told me who sent you to kill Rowan." Angelica could not help but smile when she heard that. "So, you're an assassin. Looks like I'll have to investigate you when I go back." "Tsk, you won't find anything, Madam Angelica. Don't waste your time!" Natalia shot back while maintaining her calm. Her tone was even somewhat mocking. This was her first mission, and she had failed. What was there to investigate? "At least t

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