Chapter 612

"Nash, you—huh? Where’d he go?" Angelica wanted to remind Nash to be careful, but when she turned around again, he had disappeared. "He's fast..." Angelica muttered before turning toward Natalia. Even though she was just standing there, Natalia had attracted the attention of many men. Under the neon lights, she was dressed in a violet camisole that showed off her snow-white shoulders. It formed an alluring image. A gentle breeze ruffled her clothes, and her jet-black hair swayed with the wind. A sweet smile adorned her delicate and serene face. A group of single men gathered around. "Mister, how much for the cotton candy?" one asked. "Ten bucks!" The boss, a middle-aged man around 40, beamed when he saw that his stall was surrounded by over 20 tourists. He decided to give the pretty young woman cotton candy for free. "I'll have one!" "Me too!" "I want ten!" "Miss, can I get your contact information?" A soft, refined, and magnetic voice sounded behind Natalia. The gentle tone

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