Chapter 613

Several buildings past the back door of the main hall led to a resting area. At this moment, in the room where the bishop was located, more than 20 bodyguards clad in black were standing with their hands behind their backs. In front of them stood a white-haired old man with a dragon-headed cane in his hand. Beside the old man was a middle-aged person dressed in a suit, who happened to be the person in charge of the Mount Warner scenic area. The venerable bishop, in his 70s, was wearing a robe. He had a string of prayer beads in his hand as he sat on a mahogany-made high-backed chair. "Bishop, this is Mr. Dominic Carter, the chairman of the Green Bamboo Association. He has come to pick up Lindon," said the person in charge respectfully. Mount Warner had become a scenic area all thanks to the bishop’s efforts. Purple Church was now able to earn money from offerings as well as make a substantial profit from ticket sales on the project side. It was truly mutually beneficial cooperati

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