Chapter 614

Lindon had called his grandfather, confessing to committing a murder in Jonford. After he looked into Lori's identity, he found out that she was a high-ranking executive at Baroque Group, which happened to be the company owned by Nash's wife. Nash was certain to get involved and investigate the matter thoroughly. Lindon was currently gathering skilled individuals to enact his revenge on Nash. If Nash had come to Sagen because of what Lindon did, it would undoubtedly make life difficult for him. Rubbing his reddened face, Lindon said, "You don't give me money, so I had to earn it myself!" He killed Lori because not only could he sell the recorded video for money, but also because her organs were worth a considerable sum. "I brought you to Purple Church to reform, not to live a life of luxury!" Dominic retorted furiously. His son and daughter-in-law were killed by his enemies in the past. To protect his remaining descendants, Dominic sent Lindon abroad for education. However, Lin

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