Chapter 615

Someone had appeared at the entrance. They were dressed in black and were wearing a smiling mask. A chill permeated the entire hall. Sensing the coldness, the priests stopped their activities. "Why stop? Continue chanting!" The bishop casually picked up another string of prayer beads. He had long foreseen a calamity coming to Purple Church, caused by Lindt. This was also why he spared him of his punishment. Mortimer was the only martial priest in the church and the guardian of Purple Church. He slowly stood up. He was the last line of defense. If even he could not withstand the threat, then the 30-plus priests would stand no chance of surviving. The other priests continued chanting anxiously. "Who are you?" Mortimer asked, voice low. The masked person chuckled ominously. "Don't you recognize me?" They then threw a blood-red dagger. Mortimer dodged the dagger, but the masked person was already in front of him. A fist struck Mortimer squarely in the chest. He flew backward, cra

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