Chapter 616

"Yeah, I'm not!” Nash sank into deep thought as he gazed at the raging fire. Of all the times something could have happened to Purple Church, the incident occurred now. It looked like Lindon had escaped. Lindon was an uneducated fop. Even if he had picked up some skills, he would not be particularly good at them. Most churches had priests trained for battle guarding them, so how did Lindon manage to kill over a dozen of them? “Sir… All the priests are dead!” A young inspector who had thrown a jacket over themselves ran out. There was a solemn expression on their face as they said, “There were 36 people inside the church, and he killed them all!” The inspectors standing nearby drew in sharp intakes of breath after hearing that. “Gosh… That’s more than 30 people!” “That’s not something an ordinary person can pull off!" “How could these priests have managed to offend anyone?” “You never know… I heard from my wife that Purple Church charges an exorbitant amount of money

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