Chapter 617

“We want a refund!” The tourists began protesting. The personnel in charge announced loudly, “There’s been an emergency on the premises. Please keep a hold on your tickets from today and you'll be granted free access in three days!” After being provided with a response that satisfied them, the tourists finally quieted down and left in groups of twos and threes. The person in charge mopped the sweat from their forehead. He felt unbelievably panicked. Who had killed the people at Purple Church? Dominic Carter? That seemed unlikely. After all, he was the one who had them kicked out in the first place. Besides, Sir Carter was treated relatively well back then. He had no reason to kill everyone in Purple Church. While he was still puzzled over that, a black-colored Volkswagen Phaeton pulled to a stop by the curb. The doors opened, and a man dressed in a pink suit stepped out. A glint immediately appeared in Natalia’s eyes. “Wow, that guy is good-looking!” “Angelic

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