Chapter 618

“Mr. Norman… I… I…” A dismayed look appeared on the man’s face. He did not know what to do. After all, the person who had come to speak to him was none other than Dominic Carter, the most influential person in the nation’s underworld forces. Dominic Carter was the president of the Green Bamboo Association! Even if he fessed up and told them it was Dominic, the Norman family would not dare do anything either! Flo slapped him across the face again as he said, “You can go ahead and pack your things. Remember to collect the 60-million-dollar compensation fee from my secretary!” He had invested in the development of this tourist attraction, and one of the clauses in the contract had stated whoever breached the agreement would need to pay the other party 60 million dollars in compensation. The Norman family was one of the most influential families among Jonford’s Second Tier Elite Families, and the family’s fortune was comparable to what the Five Elite Families had. 60 million d

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