Chapter 619

His right cheek swelled up, and a small section of it even began bleeding. He cradled his cheek in his face as he stumbled backward, his features twisting themselves together into an ugly expression. He said, “You bastard, you’ve angered me. Just you wait…” When he finished his sentence, he turned and stalked off. He planned to take the 60 million dollars and rejoin Sir Dominic’s forces. Flo’s cool eyes glinted as he took his phone out and contacted the finance department. “The person in charge of the Mount Warner project will be contacting the legal department to request his compensation. I’m sure you know how to proceed.” “No problem!” The person on the other end of the line answered cheerfully. Flo hung up the phone and waved at the security guard. The man wearing the security guard’s uniform immediately hurried over and lowered his head to him respectfully. “Mr. Noman…” “I want the footage from all the security cameras!" “Please come with me, Mr. Norman!" The se

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