Chapter 620

Dane Sutherland turned to Angelica and asked in astonishment, “Angelica, what are you doing here?” Angelica was the chief of an Area Inspection Brigade, just like him. She was also the only inspection officer who had been made chief of an Area Inspection Brigade before turning even 25 years old. Hence, Angelica had formed a great impression on him. “A murder just occurred in Jonford. It was an extremely violent crime. Not only did the murderer upload a video of the victim getting abused on the dark web, but they also harvested the victim's kidneys so that they could sell them for profit. "The clues we had gathered thus far told us the culprit was hiding in Purple Church, and Mr. Calcraft is working with me to catch the murderer!" Angelica gave him a summary of what was going on. Dane had a nickname—Mother Sutherland. He was a man of integrity who always abided by the law. However, he was not a particularly easy man to get along with and often acted rashly. Several times

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