Chapter 621

The priests had all met their deaths in the main hall, and the camera was embedded within a statue in that very main hall. It was certain that the camera must have captured everything that happened. Nash sounded confused as he gazed at the camera and asked, “The priests treat those statues with such care. Would they really have allowed cameras to be installed on them?” Flo guessed, “The head priest probably put it there to keep an eye on the less experienced ones!” The security guard had removed the SD card from the camera, and they popped it into a reader before connecting it to the computer. When they opened the file, there was tons of surveillance footage dating back to as far as six months ago. The camera was installed six months ago. The guard clicked on the file that contained footage recorded from today. Then, they skipped ahead to the footage captured around seven o’clock and began fast-forwarding it. At around nine o’clock, a person wearing black-colored clothi

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