Chapter 623

He took the elevator to the fifth floor. After locating the room, he swiped the keycard and opened the door. It was a large-sized suite. There were two men having tea in the room. One had a kind smile on his face, while the other looked like someone owed him several million dollars. Several middle-aged men wearing black leather jackets stood behind them. Hera was sitting with these two elderly men, a nervous expression on her face. She looked up the minute she heard the door open, and an expression that was equal parts surprised and worried appeared on her face. That was because she saw Nash walking in. “Nash…” “Sit down!” one of the elders said coolly. An invisible force pushed Hera back down onto her seat. Nash swept a quick glance across the room. Five Profound Reality Realm martial artists. Two Mystique Loyalty Realm martial artists. The two men seated and having tea were the ones who had achieved the Mystique Loyalty Realm. In fact, one had even achieved the

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