Chapter 624

“Preposterous child! You deserve to be arrested!” Samson sneered. Three martial artists who had achieved the Profound Reality Realm immediately began walking toward Nash. Hera began shaking from fright. She still did not understand what was going on. Moreover, she could not understand how Nash had managed to cross the National Security Bureau. One of the three martial artists asked, “Are you coming with us, or do you need us to make you?” “I’ll come with you on the condition that you let my wife go!” Nash answered flatly. With Hera there, he had no way of fighting back. Besides, both men had achieved mid-Mystique Loyalty Realm. Even if he attacked, he would be on the losing side. “Woman, you should leave! We’ll let him go once we’ve concluded our investigation!” Bobby waved a hand, and the Profound Reality Realm experts backed down. Tears appeared in Hera’s eyes and flowed down her cheeks as she said, “I won’t leave… I want to stay!” She did not know what was goi

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