Chapter 625

Nash’s powers were sealed. He could not even use his spiritual power or Third Eye. Bobby’s seal could be broken. However, it would take some time. Nash began using the trace amounts of true energy he had concealed to start breaking through the seal. He did not like the feeling of having someone else call the shots in his life, and he had to break the seal as soon as possible. Otherwise, he would not even have the opportunity to use the Divine Cauldron to help him fight against the National Security Bureau if they wanted to kill him. Inside the dingy underground area, Nash was shoved into Cell 1. The prisoners in the cells flanking it got to their feet and walked to the doors of their cells. “Cell 1?” “Who is this person?” “Either way, he's not someone we can afford to mess with!” “You should focus on trying to get out of this place. Do you think you’ll be able to mess with anyone when you’re locked up in here?” The prison soon fell silent. Peggy confiscated Nas

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