Chapter 626

What was he doing? From the surveillance footage, she saw Nash holding an adult magazine with one hand while his other hand was moving under his blanket. Peggy slammed her laptop shut as disgust appeared in her eyes. He looked decent, but it turned out that he was actually so perverted! Did he not know that there were cameras in the cells? “Peggy, the training is about to start.” A beautiful woman with pigtails and in camouflage clothing walked in. When she saw Peggy’s red face, a profound smile appeared on her face. “Peggy, are you looking at adult websites? You have to invite me next time! You have to share the good stuff with your friends.” Peggy glared at her. “No way. Go to the assembly.” … In the Northern Territory, Philix had almost recovered after about a month of recovery. The big eyes on his square face were as sharp as an eagle’s. He was wearing martial attire as he sat upright and still on the main seat in the meeting room. In the meantime, the five gold stars on

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