Chapter 628

Finn placed his hand under his chin and said with a frown, “This is not as simple as we think. Of all the times the people from the National Martial Bureau could take action, they chose to do it when Mr. Nash was taking action against Lindon.” Melody’s eyes were shining. “Do you think Dominic has spies in the National Martial Bureau?” Finn inhaled sharply. “Third Elder and Fifth Elder are very suspicious.” Ken sat on the sofa and tapped his fingertips against the sofa. He said, “Let’s think about how we should save Mr. Nash.” Hera lifted her head to look at Melody and Finn. She sobbed slightly as she said, “Nash told you to not worry. He said he’ll be fine.” Melody held Hera sadly when she saw the tears in her eyes. “If that’s the case, you don’t need to worry too. Go upstairs and rest. We’ll take care of this.” Hera whimpered, “I won’t be able to sleep tonight.” Nash was in danger, so how could she sleep? Melody suggested, “Why don’t you call Theo?” Hera shook his head. “I do

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