Chapter 629

Lucas got up and walked to Theo. “Do you know who’s behind the National Martial Bureau?” “I don’t care. Who are they to arrest Nash? “The Green Bamboo Association has been established for decades, and they're above the law in Sagen. Do you think the bureau did anything when they were dominating the market?” Theo was fuming, and he raised his voice as he spoke. Lucas sighed. “The bureau has the warden of the Eastern and Southern Territory behind them. Even the Kleins won’t dare to offend the bureau, let alone us. You should think about this.” After he said that, Lucas went upstairs. Theo looked at Sherman and asked, “Are you going to stop me?” Sherman shook his head. “I’m going to save him with you.” Theo let out a sigh of relief on the inside. “Tell Black King to dispatch all detectives to find Nash!” … That night, Capiton and Jonford were in chaos. A seven-story building built in the wilderness had heavy troops guarding a radius of ​​100 meters of its vicinity. This was th

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