Chapter 630

After saying that, the long-haired young man slowly vanished. “Nineteen, I admire you so much. How dare you suspect Third Elder?” A long-haired woman in her 30s smiled flirtatiously. “We can talk about that in private.” The fat man said lewdly, “Thirteen, why don’t I talk to you about that? We can talk in bed.” The woman was ranked 13. Among the 20 elders in the National Martial Bureau, only the top ten were over 50 years old. The ones ranked below her were all younger than 30 years old, so they had to respect her. Thirteen peered at the fat man and said, “You’re too fat. I'll consider it when you finally have abs.” All of the elders left the meeting room one after another. However, Nineteen went to the window and jumped down. He jumped out of the headquarters, got into his Jeep, and went home. … The Gordons in Capiton were ranked last in the Ten Families. However, no one would dare to offend them. On the contrary, others would express goodwill and try to make friends with

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