Chapter 631

After he said that, he left without turning back. Immediately after he left the Gordons’ villa, he took out his phone to call a higher-up in his company. “Cancel the cooperation between us and the Gordons.” The higher-up on the other end of the phone was stunned. He thought he was still dreaming, so he pinched himself. When he felt the pain, he asked in horror, “Mr. Theo, this isn’t right. We’ve worked with them for almost four years, and we can’t find another company to work with if we cancel their cooperation with us all of a sudden. The company will suffer losses!” “Do you still want your job?” Theo’s tone was icy. He had already started to fully take over his family’s business. He knew everything about his family business. It would be a huge loss to have a fallout with the Gordons. However, he wanted to let Chase know that the Skyes in Capiton were not weak. After he hung up the phone, Theo drove to a detective agency. The agency was still brightly lit. More than 20 co

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