Chapter 633

All eight vehicles were rigged with explosives, and they perished together with more than 20 inspection vehicles. After obtaining this news, Jupiter's and Dane's hearts tightened. After a busy night of work, not only was there no trace of the Carters, but many of their colleagues were also injured. When Henderson learned the news at seven o'clock, he was furious and immediately held an emergency meeting to severely criticize Jupiter and Dane. He suspended them from their posts. The entire operation was canceled, and Governor Townsend reported the matter to Capiton. The Capiton Inspection Headquarters attached great importance to it and immediately set up a special team to start an investigation in Jonford. … Back in Royal Bay Villa, Hera did not sleep for the entire night. She had dark circles under her eyes. Olivia, Sydney, and Queenie were all here. Now, they were sitting on the sofa and not saying a word. After Jupiter was relieved of his duties, his hair turned white over

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