Chapter 634

“Don’t ask questions. Just do as I say.” “Well, alright.” “Also, watch him closely. It'll be serious if he gets hurt in the slightest.” “Of course.” Peggy had never seen Grandpa Bobby so serious before. The more serious he was, the more nervous she was. The status of the guy in Cell 1 was even more terrifying than she imagined. After Bobby hung up, Peggy fell into a deep thought in front of her laptop. What kind of person could scare Grandpa Bobby so much? Back then, the squad leader guessed he was the descendant of a sergeant. A sergeant was a two-star general, a major had three stars, and a colonel had four. A general was a warden, and they would be called a five-star commander-in-chief. As the elder of the National Martial Bureau, Grandpa Bobby’s position was like a three-star high-ranking military officer. If that guy was a descendant of someone with only two stars, Grandpa Bobby would not be so scared of him. Suddenly, Peggy was shocked. “Is he a descendant of a certa

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