Chapter 635

Peggy and Pigtails happened to see this scene when they were walking to the door. The two of them started to have some wild thoughts. After Peggy entered the password and performed facial recognition, the titanium alloy door slowly opened. Then, the two walked into the cell one after the other. Peggy asked bluntly, “Why do you want to kill yourself?” “Kill myself?” Nash glanced at the tissues on the ground and made an excuse, “Well... I had an itch in my throat, so I coughed up some blood!” ‘Cough? Why didn't I see you cough, then?’ Peggy thought to herself. She knew the man was just looking for an excuse to feel less embarrassed. At the same time, she was also too embarrassed to expose him. She pursed her red lips and said softly, “Actually, you don’t have to worry about your own safety. The National Martial Bureau won't do anything to you until your charges are confirmed. During this period, we'll also feed you with delicious food and drinks!” Nash sat up. “I’m not worried

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