Chapter 636

Soldiers armed with live ammunition immediately aimed at the prison door. Armored vehicles and tanks also arrived. There were electromagnetic towers in eight directions of the base, and high voltage magnetic energy flashed from the top of the towers. At this moment, all kinds of infrared rays were aimed at the base gate. As soon as Nash walked out of the door, he leaped 50 meters into the air like a rocket. Eight electromagnetic towers shot lines of magnetic energy toward Nash, and the infrared weapons criss-crossed. Nash saw a fly in the air turn into smoke after it was hit by the magnetic energy. At this moment, he activated his spiritual power to its extreme to avoid attacks. The true energy in his body was forming a protective shield, but it could not withstand the infrared radiation. Immediately, his shoulder was pierced by the infrared rays. Then, another magnetic energy hit his chest. Nash ducked sideways, and his left shoulder was pierced by the laser. Gosh! This w

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