Chapter 637

“Gosh, isn’t that the kid who tried to escape?” “Haha! He underestimates this place too much!” “It’s not his fault that he doesn’t know. But does he think this is a farmer’s market?” “Shut up. At the end of the day, he came back alive. The ones who tried to escape last time got turned into dust.” A man with a scar on his face scoffed. After he said that, everyone shut their mouths. That was right! This kid was staying in Cell 1, so who were they to make fun of him? When Nash was about to go back to his cell, a hoarse voice from a dark room on his right called out, “Nash?” “Who’s there?” Nash stopped and turned his head. In the dark, an old man with long hair walked over with heavy cuffs on his hands and legs. Immediately, Nash could sense a strong smell of blood. He was not wrong. This sense would come from people with a murderous temperament, and only high-level martial artists could feel it. The old man walked to the bars of the window that was about the size of a baske

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