Chapter 638

After Nash's breakfast, Peggy came back with the first aid kit. As she looked at Nash’s bloody shirt, she asked softly, “We have a doctor here. I think I should let him take a look at you.” “No, I’ll be fine after some medicine.” Nash removed his coat, and his white shirt had already been stained with blood. The shoulder of his shirt had marks that showed he had been burned by the laser. “I’ll wash your shirt for you, then.” “Alright. Thanks!” Nash removed his bloody shirt and placed it on the armrest. At this moment, Pigtails walked in and saw Nash’s perfect body. Her eyes turned a little fanatic as she said, “You have a pretty hot body.” Peggy glared at her. “Do you think you're a ghost, sneaking over like that?" “Gosh, did I interrupt something? I’m sorry! I’ll leave now!” Pigtails said, obviously implying something. After saying that, she turned to leave. “Come back!” Peggy stopped Pigtails. “Hehe, I knew you'd share.” Pigtails giggled as she turned back. “Take this t

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