Chapter 639

It had even alarmed Capiton. If Dominic’s power had really penetrated the National Martial Bureau, Nash was afraid that more people would die next. He must find a way to contact the outside world. However, if he wanted to contact the outside world, he would need the help of the woman in front of him. He decided to tell Peggy something. Peggy looked into Nash’s deep eyes. “Did you want to say something?” Nash said, “It’s a long story, so sit down and I’ll tell you.” After Peggy hesitated for a moment, she sat on the sofa opposite Nash. Nash started with Lori’s case. He spoke for more than ten minutes. When Nash’s mouth was dry, he grabbed the beer on the coffee table, took two sips, and asked, “Do you understand?” Peggy nodded and said, “I understand. You’re saying you want to contact people from outside.” Nash nodded quickly. “Yes, I must prevent the situation from developing further!” “I almost believed you!” Peggy grinned. If Nash had not lied to her earlier, she would

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