Chapter 649

“Where’s Mr. Skye?” Sydney asked when she did not see Theo. “He has to go to the Lees' place for a bit. He’ll be here soon,” Hera replied with a smile. Sydney nodded and then greeted Lauren and Harrison, “Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis.” The two nodded with a grin. Sydney then grabbed Hera’s arm happily. “I’ll take you inside.” Hera was Nash’s weakness, so she had to maintain a good relationship with her. It would be best if they could become best friends who could tell each other everything. Hera hesitated. “Skadi will be here soon. I want to wait for her. Why don’t you go and welcome the other guests?” Sydney quickly responded, “It’s fine. I can wait with you.” Hera smiled and looked at her parents. “Mom, Dad, you should go in first. Or do you want to wait for Skadi with me?” Lauren replied, “We should go in first. We don’t have any common topics with you youngsters.” After that, the two walked into the door. At the door, Fred smiled and nodded at them. Lauren and Harrison no

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