Chapter 650

Then, it was Zakariah and Skadi from the Jonford Martial Arts Association. After Sydney and her father exchanged pleasantries with the guests, they brought them inside the villa. At about six o’clock, Zell Villa was already crowded. The party would be held on the rooftop, and all four tables were filled. Grant even changed into a colorful suit to give a speech with his children. On Duncan’s table, The Swordsman was fiddling with his cutlery in boredom. His fingers were nimble, and the fork kept moving around between his fingers. After he saw how flushed with success Grant was, he stopped fiddling with the fork and snapped it in half. The snap attracted Melody’s attention. She turned to look at The Swordsman, and a bad feeling arose in her chest. When Melody looked at The Swordsman, The Swordsman also peered at her. This woman was gorgeous, but she was a little older. He still much preferred petite and adorable younger women. “Godfather, the governor is here, so please don’t

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