Chapter 651

"My old classmate, sorry I'm late..." Just then, an elderly man in a suit came over while accompanied by five attendants. It was Dylan. Grant instantly became excited when he heard his voice. He had personally delivered his invitation, after all. However, Dylan had claimed to have important matters to attend to on this particular day. He said that he might not be able to make it. He did not receive a call from Dylan until the banquet started. He thought his old classmate might not be able to make it, yet he made an unexpected appearance at this moment and without any warning. "Who is this? He doesn’t seem familiar." "I’ve never seen him!" "Didn't he just call Mr. Zell his old classmate? Of course, he's his former classmate!" Someone who knew who Dylan was spoke up cautiously, "He's Dylan Murphy. He’s from the National Martial Bureau!" "The National Martial Bureau? Mr. Zell has connections with the National Martial Bureau?" "The man hides it well. It looks like we need to d

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