Chapter 652

Theo casually sipped his drink, already seeing through the farce happening in this room. When Grant saw The Swordsman, he was so frightened that he dropped his wine glass. This pointed to some unresolved resentment between the two. He must be worried that The Swordsman might disrupt the birthday banquet, which would explain his constant apprehension toward the man. However, Grant's old classmate, Dylan, had arrived. Since he was affiliated with the National Martial Bureau, The Swordsman might find it difficult to act against him. Theo pondered whether to escalate the friction between the National Martial Bureau and Black Wind Mountains. Sherman had followed Theo for many years and was able to see through his thoughts easily. "If it comes to a fight, I can only protect you alone with my strength,” he whispered. Theo glanced at Hera’s family at the table and abandoned his initial consideration. Duncan, on the other hand, was fiddling with the delicate wine glass in his hand. His

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