Chapter 653

Sydney ate her meal silently, but she could not swallow the food no matter how hard she tried. The Swordsman casually glanced at Fred and Sydney, a smirk playing on his lips as he thought to himself, ‘So, they just recognized me. They must be feeling quite uncomfortable, right? Good, let them feel uncomfortable! Descendants of that wicked woman deserve to die!’ Seeing the smirk on The Swordsman's face, Fred's grip on his cutlery tightened. The Swordsman raised his wine glass, a mocking expression on his face. He had decided to spare his godson’s dignity today and refrain from doing anything. If they made the first move, however, then he could not be blamed for defending himself. In the end, Fred could no longer endure the situation anymore and slammed his hand on the table. He glared at The Swordsman. "Swordsman, you killed my mother, yet you have the gall to attend my father's birthday banquet today!" he roared. The Swordsman's arrogance had provoked him. With the governor an

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