Chapter 654

The Swordsman's words left Dylan speechless. He knew The Swordsman was formidable, but he had not expected him to be so powerful that even the Third Elder was no match for him. “Is there anyone else in the National Martial Bureau besides the Third Elder who can put up a fight?" The Swordsman mocked. "Among the bureau’s 20 elders, only the first two are slightly stronger. The rest are not worth my attention,” the man added, his face filled with scorn and disdain. If he had mastered the Seven Deadly Blades, even the Second and Third Elder might not have been his match. The head of the National Martial Bureau was not someone he needed to consider. Being at the partial Profound Oriental Realm, only the two masters of Black Wind Mountains had the confidence to confront him. Dylan took a deep breath and asked, "What do you want to do?" He had only heard about The Swordsman's strength, but from the words he had spoken, it was clear that his power was comparable to the National Martia

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