Chapter 64

The next moment, he dashed towards Nash. A murderous intent flashed in Nash's eyes and he slipped a small dagger from his sleeve. Janson was overwhelmed with anger and appeared in front of Nash in a blink of an eye. The Warden saw this and quickly said, "That's enough, stop it..." The dagger in Nash's hand was pressed against Janson's throat. If he were to apply a bit of pressure, the dagger would pierce through Janson's throat and kill him instantly. Cold sweat dripped down from Janson's temples. There was also a bit of dampness in his pants. The man moved too fast. It was to the point where he did not even see how he moved. The Warden said, "Since it's just a test, it's fine to just hurt each other a little but don't kill each other!" Stellar whispered to explain, "The Grim Reaper already said that he doesn't know how to compete for fun and only knows how to kill..." The Warden chuckled. "Let them go. Just the Smiling Grim Reaper protecting me will be enough..." He

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