Chapter 65

There were dozens of high-rise buildings and a large area of glorious and luxurious villas. Although it was not as impressive as Royal Bay, the property prices still went up because Mr. Lee lived there. Splendiferous Meadows was a real estate site developed by Olivia's father. Mr. Lee's presence had raised the property prices and the Lee family earned a lot of money from it. Today, it was very lively at Splendiferous Meadows. The path was covered with red carpets, every household had hung up decorations, there were hot air balloons in the sky and ribbons fluttered in the air. Luxury cars were parked outside the complex and Jonford's prominent figures were everywhere. The Lewis' family car was parked at the side of the road. Herman got out with a bright red face. Hubert's and Harrison's families also got out of the car one after another and went to Herman's side. Everyone looked at the magnificent sight — the whole of Splendiferous Meadows in awe and their faces were

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