Chapter 66

Hera shuddered when she heard that cockney-like voice. The look on her face slowly turned cold as she turned around and said woodenly, “Mr. Hill, I am Hera Lewis, and I am the chief executive officer of Baroque Electronic. You may address me either by my name or as Ms. Lewis!” The Hill family was a powerful family who owned several large-scale companies and dozens of small and medium-sized companies in Jonford. Several of Baroque Electronics’ component suppliers were owned by the Hill family. Though Hunter’s relentless pursuit disgusted her, she had no choice but to endure it for now. “But, Hera, hasn’t your grandfather already agreed to our relationship?” An aggrieved look appeared on Hunter’s chubby face. Herman had already announced that the Hill family could propose a marriage between their families under the condition that they paid a dowry of no less than fifty million dollars. Fifty million dollars was an astronomical number to most people, but it was nothing to the

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