Chapter 67

It did not matter if Hera did not respect him. After all, he had had a crush on her for the longest time. Yet, even Skadi dared speak to him so conceitedly? Hunter stuffed his hands into his pockets and brazenly directed his gaze toward Skadi’s low-cut neckline as he grinned and said, “These are my eyes. I can look anywhere I want to…” “You fat ass… Are you trying to get beaten up…” Skadi gathered her skirts in her hands and strode over to him. She had beaten up countless young heirs. Hunter could not help but feel somewhat nervous as he watched Skadi stride over. Thankfully, his family’s bodyguards hurried over before she reached him. Four bodyguards stood in front of Hunter to protect him. Without hesitation, Skadi curled her hands into fists and prepared to fight. “Skade, duck…” Just then, Hera let out a piercing scream. Stunned, Skadi paused and heard an incoming rumble. Boom! The four bodyguards standing before her got knocked off their feet. One of Hunt

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