Chapter 68

Hera could not hold her laughter in. “Should I help you get his number?” Skadi blushed. “If you can get his number, I’ll be your humble servant…” Hera glanced at the guy wearing the mask. Coincidentally, the guy was looking in their direction as well. His chilling gaze… Caused her heart to skip a beat. Hera gulped. “No… he’s so intimidating…” Skadi shook Hera’s arm. “Come on, Rara, help me~” Hera stared at Skadi as if she were an alien. This woman was constantly going on about murdering and killing people. Yet, she did not even have the guts to ask someone for their number. Moreover… She was even putting on a cute act for her. The two had been best friends since college. Skadi had been protecting her ever since they graduated from college. It was Skadi’s first time asking her for a favor. No matter what it took, she had to do this for her best friend. Hera took several deep breaths. When the group of people walked over, she stuck her arm out to halt the masked

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