Chapter 69

Hera had a stunned look on her face as she shook her head. Zakariah heaved a long sigh before walking into the estate. Hera returned to Skadi huffily. Skadi hurriedly asked, “How did it go?” Hera pouted and said, “He called me an idiot…” “What the f*ck? Why’s he so insensitive?” “Oh no, I think I like him even more now!” A twinkle appeared in Skadi’s eyes. Hera said distractedly, “Do you think we’re in trouble? Even your grandfather and Mr. Zell had to defer to them. It seems that they’re really powerful!” She turned toward Skida when she did not get any response from her. She watched as Skida sent a picture of the masked man into the martial arts association group chat with the message: [@Everyone, I want to know everything about this man within the next three minutes!] …… Inside the estate. The three-story mansion in the middle. There was a large, private plaza that was part of the plaza’s grounds. High-ranking nobles and dignitaries were gathered in groups o

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