Chapter 70

The two immediately perked up. Skadi hurriedly opened her inbox and clicked on the email, which consisted of a bunch of links. Hera whispered, “It’s not a virus, is it?” Skadi did not care, and she clicked on the link. They ended up on the dark web. Moreover, an account had already been set up. When the web page refreshed, it redirected to the Dark Web Assassins Leaderboard. A profile with a smiley-face display picture was ranked in first place. Next to the picture was a flag that indicated which country he was from. The Smiling Grim Reaper’s KDA popped up on the page. Smiling Grim Reaper KDA: 999-0-9999. Skadi’s hand shuddered, and she dropped her phone onto the red carpet. Hera’s face was pale. Her throat felt like a hand had wrapped itself around it. She… had gotten in the way of the dark web’s highest-ranking assassin? What did a 999-0-9999 KDA mean? Did it mean he had killed 999 people by himself, or if he had assisted in the killings of 9999 people? Hera

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