Chapter 71

Upon seeing how the former God of War was doing now, Stellar could not help but sigh, “Time truly waits for no one. I still have a picture of Mr. Lee when he was younger at our dorm!” In the past, the highest-ranking soldiers in the Northern Territory were majors. As the war zones had consolidated in recent years, the number of majors had decreased following the addition of the colonel and general titles. Tears brimmed in the warden’s eyes when he saw the state his former mentor was in. At that very instant, Nash felt a nearly indiscernible murderous intent. Goosebumps appeared on Nash’s arms, and his eyes widened. A sonic boom reverberated through the ground at that very minute. He grabbed the warden and dragged him back in 0.5 seconds. Splat… The dagger in Nash’s hand found its way into Mr. Lee’s throat. Three streams of blood poured out. Mr. Lee clapped his hands to his throat and together with his wheelchair, collapsed onto the ground. Nash lowered his head

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