Chapter 72

He was not Mr. Lee? Joseph was stunned. Olivia was flabbergasted. Everyone in the Lee family stared at the old man in Stellar’s hands. Who else could he be other than Mr. Lee? Stellar reached behind Mr. Lee’s ear and fumbled around. However, he did not manage to locate the human-skin mask’s seal. Stellar began growing nervous. It did not seem like a human-skin mask…. Could this person be Mr. Lee himself? Just as Stellar was about to descend into panic, Nash said weakly, “Rip his clothes off…” “Stop…” Stellar had placed Mr. Lee’s corpse on the ground and was just about to rip his clothes off when Joseph stood up and stopped him. His father had been his idol ever since he was a child. He was the one thing that kept him going. Joseph had yet to come to terms with the fact he had just witnessed his father’s murder. Now, he could not care less that the warden was present, nor did he care who Stellar was. He glared at Stellar and said bitterly, “My father is alre

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